Charles M. Greenspon

 Postdoctoral scholar in the Bensmaia lab studying how tactile signals propagate through the nervous system and give rise to perception.


Selected Publications


Lamina‐specific population encoding of cutaneous signals in the spinal dorsal horn using multi‐electrode arrays

To overcome the limitations of single unit electrophysiology targeting Wide Dynamic Range neurons in the deep dorsal horn of rats we used linear Multi-Electrode Arrays to simultaneously record from all laminae and cell types. We validated the results following electrical, mechanical, and thermal stimulation and showed that orders of magnitude more data can be attained with a higher success rate than traditional methods. Furthermore, we show that the responses of a single cell type only poorly reflect the activity of the other regions.

Greenspon et al. (2019) - Journal of Physiology

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Postdoctoral Scholar - Bensmaia Lab

University of Chicago (2018 - present)




Doctor of Philosophy - Neuroscience

University of Nottingham (2014 - 2018)


Bachelor of Science - Biological Sciences

University of Warwick (2012 - 2014)